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Moss can damage roof tiles and more !  the cheapest way to deal with this is fast Before rot sets in

Once established moss will continue to grow Hold moisture and take root into your Roofing tiles and flat roof surfaces

Despite wind storms and exposed to all weathers It firmly stay on your roof and grows very happily Until it becomes a major problem, major repair  And major expense !

Using professional equipment and Industrial grade pressure wash cleaners Not only can we remove moss we can clean

Roofs back to original colour and appearance Repair roof damage and provide A full maintenance and repair

Including slates leadwork flashing rendering and pointing concrete and more And with modern upvc install replace damaged or missing roof parts

Moss can also block guttering leading to water And damp problems wood rot and more Surprises  Upvc guttering once installed is low Maintenance for years to come - no more painting and this can save you money

MOSS PROBLEMS ? ...unsitely, usully gets worse and damages the roof that protects your property MOSS  Taken root and  damaging roof  Tiles and  Expensive  Repairs MOSS  Damaging flat  Roofing, growing  And holding  Moisture  This gets worse MOSS  Cleaned and  Roof  Restored   Property  SAFE Find us on East London Classifieds CLICK  HERE Call us on 01992 890049  0208 485 8750 Mobile 07979 936 385 HP1 Andrew Barr`s